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mousetrap imageIn this series, we provide a wealth of relevant, up-to-date information for those (or their loved ones) who are needing freedom from the trap of pornography.

Once thought of as just a "Man's Problem," this is no longer the case. Do you remember the old cigarette commercial targeted to women which bragged, "You've come a long way baby?" Unfortunately, such can also be said today about the number of women using and becoming addicted to porn. Current figures are showing that up to 40% or more of women are regular users of Internet porn.

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  1. Introduction
  2. The Addiction Cycle
  3. Victimless Crime?
  4. An Intimacy Disorder
  5. Vulnerable Host - Abuse
  6. Vulnerable Host - Abandonment
  7. Freedom - Willingness
  8. Freedom - Relationship
  9. Freedom - Spiritual Partnership
  10. Spouse's Hurt
  11. Spouse's Work
  12. Spouse's Questions
  13. Female Addicts
  14. Church - Facing the Issue
  15. Church - Providing Help
  16. Different Porn, Different Drug
  17. Talking with Kids
  18. Tips for Parents