Videos are expensive to make.  We need your support to continue this important ministry.

Churches, do you need to include those struggling with pornography and sexual addiction in your recovery program and don’t know exactly what to do? Do you need material to begin a 12-step type program for those struggling with this type of addiction?

Then the Recovery Connection video series is your answer! This FREE series of video presentations are from 4-7 minutes each and cover a variety of helpful topics. Use one video per meeting, ask the questions provided with each video to guide the discussions, and you have the opportunity for a relevant, productive and healing evening. (One video for each week of the year will be available in the near future.)

Go directly to any online streaming lesson or watch them in order:

  1. Starting the Process of Change
  2. The Fantasy of Pornography
  3. Scams and Triggers
  4. One Addiction – Multiple Manifestations
  5. An Intimacy Disorder
  6. Fire Together – Wire Together
  7. Desiring to be Comfortable
  8. Do You Want to get Well?
  9. Understanding Relapse
  10. Your Cell Phone
  11. Justifications
  12. Euphoric Recall
  13. Crippled by Regret