Counseling for pornography addictsWe have helped many sex/pornography addicts recover from an unhappy, lonely, self-destructive pattern of behavior in their sexual addiction and go on to, not only rebuild their lives, but to reach greater heights than they ever imagined.

Recovery from sex addiction involves much more than abstinence from the sexually addictive behavior. It involves a long term process commitment to healing which will result in many positive changes in your life.

The very first question that must be answered is the same question Jesus asked the lame man in John 5:6. The lame man had been laying at the Pool of Bethesda for 38 years without healing, which he blamed on the lack of help from others to get him into the pool. Jesus asked him a very important question, “Do you want to get well?” Perhaps Jesus was implying that the lame man was comfortable being lame and not actually wanting a change in his life.


All seeking recovery from addiction must first answer the question, “Do I really want to get well?” If the answer is “yes” then many of the normal excuses go away, i.e., “This takes too much time.” “This costs too much money.” “I don’t want anyone to know I need help.” “I don’t want to go to therapist.” “I see no need to attend a 12-step program.” “I just can’t take off from work to participate in an intensive therapy program.” Many of those addicted come up with these and other excuses for neglecting to get the help they need, but the fundamental question is, “Do I really want to get well?” If so, an addict will move heaven and earth to get that help.

Sex/Pornography addiction is viewed in the larger context of an intimacy disorder, usually relating back to a relational trauma of some sort during childhood. Treatment involves resolving the underlying trauma issues and building up the life competencies that have been compromised. This kind of recovery doesn’t occur overnight. In most cases it took many years to develop an active addiction, and it will take a considerable amount of time to overcome the addiction. Of course, the amount of time required is different for each person depending on individual circumstances. We also offer Intensive Weekends, aimed at speeding the process to recovery along.